Friday, December 11, 2009

Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh!

Natalie Murphy over at The Sound of Rain had a fun post yesterday called, "Things That Made Me Laugh."
I laughed.

Yesterday, a day when awards flourished everywhere in our circle, many of us shared comments of blogspots and people who make us smile each day. Erica, visiting here for the first time, commented, "It looks like there's a lot of love on this blog." YES! I felt it, too, but not just here.

Marybeth (
Desperatley Searching for my Inner Mary Poppins) had a post titled, "Any Friend of Yours is a Friend of Mine", in which she marveled at the number of familiar faces to be seen on all of our blogs. That's why we are a blog CIRCLE - no beginning and no end, but a whole lot of friendship to go around. How great is that?!

Today, let's celebrate friendships together and pass on some laughter! I'll start...

Our family was watching a show together the other night and, as always, my bottom fell asleep. I wiggled around and then jokingly moaned, "Oh... my buttocks!" My five-year-old daughter gave me the strangest look before saying, "Mama! Your butt doesn't talk!"

Your turn - Go ahead, make me laugh!

17 comments: said...

I love finding new friends on the blogosphere! Awards are a great way to do that. And I love it when I'm blog hopping around and I see a familiar avatar on someone's Followers list. I can't help but join too!

kah said...

Thanks for friending me! :)We do have a great circle of writers in our blogging world. I love knowing that in the next couple years I'm going to see so many of these names on bookshelves and say, "Yup, she's one of my talented blogging friends." :)
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Laurel Garver said...

It has been the best, making new friends in the blogosphere.

Make you laugh...hmmm, no recent cute kid stories, but I do link a fave bust-a-gut post from Candice on my blog today. Go check it out. And there's something nice for you over there, too (if sadly redundant).

Candice said...

Your story reminds me of the time my little cousin was watching Indiana Jones and one of the characters said, "That's just my pet snake reggie." My cousin looked up with the funnest expression and said, "How do you give a snake a wedgie?" We laughed so hard!

Corey Schwartz said...

OMG, ha ha! How hilarious! I actually laughed out loud :)

cleemckenzie said...

Comments by kids can't be beat for the refreshing laughter they bring.

Wish I had some stories to share.

Kasie West said...

I agree, this community of writers is so supportive and it's been so fun to meet friends this way.

Make you laugh? Man it's hard for me to tell a joke on command. And of course, when I'm trying to think of funny stories, my mind goes completely blank.

Okay, how about the time when my six year old daughter was crying for about 10 minutes straight and my two year old son squatted down to where she was laying on the floor and said in the sweetest voice: "Do you want me to punch you?" As if that would make everything better. It made me laugh.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Mary Anne - Welcome! I'm thrilled you're here. :)

Karen - I agree. I find myself thinking the same thing quite often! :)

Laurel - I love that post, too! Thanks so much for the award. It made my day!

Candice - You got me! I laughed aloud at that one! ;-)

Corey - me too!

Sliding - thanks for commenting today!

Kasie - that's hilarious! I can just picture the whole thing in my head. ha-ha-ha ;-)

BK Mattingly said...

Ahh! I'm glad i checked your blog! My dashboard didn't say you had updated. Stupid thing! Anyway, I couldn't agree with you more. This past week I have especially felt the friendship that surrounds our blogging community. I got so many awards and I still can't help but smile when I think of what I'm going to write next and what everyone else will as well. I love reading what everyone is thinking and doing. I also love what Karen Amanda said above about seeing people's names on bookshelves.

Robyn Campbell said...

Hey Shannon, nice last name. Mine until I married a Campbell. Thanks so much for friending me. I love your blog. And I write picture books too. I have 5 completed. Several more almost finished. Nice to meet a fellow picture booker in the blogosphere. :) Especially one with the name O'Donnell. *fist pump* Yeah!

I love your story. Hilarious. Thank you for making me laugh today. :)

Suzette Saxton said...

Thanks for the laugh. I admire you picture book authors!

Jody Hedlund said...

Very, very cute! The other night after my 4 y.o. finished eating her candy cane, I finally had to tell her, "You need to wash your hands. Licking them won't get them clean." :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love when I get to broaden my circle of friendships!

V. S said...

Thank you for making me smile and stopping by my blog. Lovely post.

Diana Paz said...

I love it! Kid humor and butt jokes, right up my alley, hee hee!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love seeing how positive and happy your blog is. :) I will try to think of something funny, but right now all I can hear is the sound of my 2 year old's screeching. It's his favorite noise, my GOSH!!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Bethany - I'm glad you checked, too. I wonder if it's not listing as updated because I started it as a draft? When I started this blog, I had no idea how many new friends i would make! Speaking of which, did you get my "about me" email?

Robyn - You'll never believe this, but my step-dad's last name was Campbell! ha-ha ;-)

Jody - I've had conversations like that with my kids too! Aren't they fun?! :)

Suzette - thanks for your comments!

V.S. - Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment

Diana - Isn't two a great age (hahahahaha)?!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

isn't that funny? I notice that with blogs too! We all seem to know each other!

Catherine Denton said...

I love the blog circle! Your picture and story made me smile.

The other day when my son was sick, he said, "This popsicle is giving my uvula frostbite."

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