Saturday, January 1, 2011

Book Review: Angelfire

by Courtney Allison Moulton

Goodreads Blurb:
This debut, the first novel in a trilogy, is achingly romantic, terrifying, and filled with blistering action.

When seventeen-year-old Ellie starts seeing reapers - monstrous creatures who devour humans and send their souls to Hell - she finds herself on the front lines of a supernatural war between archangels and the Fallen and faced with the possible destruction of her soul.

A mysterious boy named Will reveals she is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior, the only one capable of wielding swords of angelfire to fight the reapers, and he is an immortal sworn to protect her in battle. Now that Ellie's powers have been awakened, a powerful reaper called Bastian has come forward to challenge her. He has employed a fierce assassin to eliminate her - an assassin who has already killed her once.

While balancing her dwindling social life and reaper-hunting duties, she and Will discover Bastian is searching for a dormant creature believed to be a true soul reaper. Bastian plans to use this weapon to ignite the End of Days and to destroy Ellie's soul, ending her rebirth cycle forever. Now, she must face an army of Bastian's most frightening reapers, prevent the soul reaper from consuming her soul, and uncover the secrets of her past lives - including truths that may be too frightening to remember.
Expected publication: February 15th 2011 by HarperCollins / Katherine Tegen Books  

Love, love, love! I could not put this book down. Seriously. I devoured it in a day. The storyline and the romance and the writing pull you in from page one and don't let go. Once again, I'm left dying for the sequel before the first book is even out. I'm sensing a pattern here lately! Ellie is one butt-kicking tough girl when she's fighting, but soft and insecure when she isn't. She's pretty irresistible. But not as irresistible as her oh-so-hot guardian. I need to get me one of him!!  
I suggest pre-ordering this one so you don't miss out.


Frankie Diane Mallis said...

AAAAH! So jealous you got to read this already! I've been dying for this one.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

really? what would you say was the most unique item about this book? Just seems like all of them have such similar heroines and love interests. what did you like about this one?

Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like an interesting book! Thank you for the review! :)

Julie Musil said...

*smiles about the hot guardian* Why can't we get us one of those? Thanks for the fun review. I'll have to read this one!

Happy new year

Old Kitty said...

Yay!! Another brilliant book and review! Thank you!!!! My 2011 list of to be read books is growing and it's only Day One! LOL!!

Take care

Jemi Fraser said...

I don't like waiting for these awesome books - I want them now!!

Kelly Lyman said...

NIce! I can't wait to read this one!!!

Catherine Denton said...

Yes! It sounds like a fabulous read!

Tracy Loewer said...

Oh, man, I don't know if I have it in me to start another unfinished series. They drive me crazy!

Tales of Whimsy said...

O now I want to read it :)

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