Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Acts of Publicity Week

Random Acts of Publicity Week

I found out about this awesome idea from Elana J, and I'll be participating at least once this week. I hope you'll join in, too.

It’s all about your Friend’s book.

The 3rd Annual Random Acts of Publicity, September 6-8, 2011 is a week to celebrate your Friend’s book, or your favorite book, by doing a Random Act of Publicity: Blog, link, Like, review, or talk about the book. (BLLuRT it Out!)

Here's some important info from the
Random Acts of Publicity 2011
site, run by Darcy Pattison.
Go visit her and you can even sign up for some fun newsletters!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate?
Anyone who wants to help a book get noticed by readers. We are focusing on helping a Friend’s book get noticed, but you can also choose to help your favorite book get noticed.
What do I do?
BLLuRT or Post. Or both.
(http://bit.ly/RAoP2011). The basic tasks for book marketing online remain the same, BLLuRT! Do one of these each day for your Friend’s book or for your favorite book.
  • B is for Blog. Blog about a book, the author or anything related.
  • L is for Link. (http://bit.ly/RAP-Link) Link to something about the book, the author’s page, the book selling page, anything.
  • L is for LIKE. (http://bit.ly/RAP-Like ) LIKE the book’s Facebook page, the author’s page. Or Add them to your Google+.
  • R is for Review. (http://bit.ly/RAP-R ) Review a book. Some experts suggest that books tend to break out when they get over 25 reviews on Amazon, GoodReads or other booksites.
  • T is for Tell or Talk. (http://bit.ly/RAP-T )Tell someone about a book. Your friend, a teacher, a librarian, anyone. Talk about the book—why did you like it? What excited you about this book? Why should I read it?
It’s also a great week to post something about book marketing, perhaps a personal experience, a tutorial, a tips sheet. Put the URL of your post in the Random Acts of Publicity Facebook Event Page for others to read.
What books should I talk about this week?
Your Friend’s book or your favorite book. We are focusing especially on new books or less well-known books. Focus on a great book that not many readers know about.
Can Publishers participate?
Yes, you can BLLuRT about books, too. We ask that you focus on mid-list or new authors, those who could benefit from a boost during Random Acts of Publicity week. We know it’s your job to BLLuRT about the front-list, that and much more; as an individual working in book publishing, though, we are asking that you champion a dark horse during Random Acts of Publicity Week. 
Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=247495138609650



Karen Harrington said...

Oh, I like this idea! I can already think of a couple of friend's books to BLLurt!

Old Kitty said...

What a fab acronym!! Happy Blurt-ing!! Yay! take care

Heather Sunseri said...

Great idea, Shannon. Will be blurting some myself.

Heather said...

This is an excellent idea, I love it! I'm spreading the love for Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank. It was so good that I laughed until I cried.

Unknown said...

I saw this at ELANA'S and loved it! I love when I see so many awesome things happening around the blogosphere. Makes me feel awesome to be apart of something so huge!

Jemi Fraser said...

Brilliant idea! Thanks for the tip :)

Kelly Polark said...

What a wonderful idea! I do try to Bllurt friends' books, but I love this push for everyone to do so!

Angela Ackerman said...

I'll have to do this for sure--thanks Shannon!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Christine Fonseca said...

Such a great campaign, yes???

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shannon .. great idea - once I've got myself organised I'll definitely join in .. thanks for telling us - cheers Hilary

Natalie Aguirre said...

This is an awesome idea. I did my post on Monday at Literary Rambles.

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