Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't Miss This One!

The holidays are coming... the holidays are coming!

Everyone - yes, EVERYONE! - needs to read this fun Christmas book! This little-known picture book is a treasure. The Great Mizzariddle, by Roland McElroy, is destined to be a kid (and teacher) favorite.

Amazon describes it well:
The Great Mizzariddle is about a lost prospector's discovery of Santa's North Pole headquarters and the "absurdiculous" language spoken there. Have you ever met a "smelligent" man, or tasted "Santafrassoup?" Neither had McFurkle, an old prospector who stumbles into Santa's workshop by mistake. McFurkle soon learns that Santa's elves, in an effort to promote the most efficient use of their time, have begun combining words they use every day. A "squeeze and a hug" becomes simply "a squg." If someone is "smiling and laughing," they are said to be "smaffin'." And so it goes. The Great Mizzariddle, with its entertaining plot and amusing word combinations, is written for children of all ages.

Read it. Laugh out loud. Read it again and find yourself speaking the language of the North Pole (I mean Nole). Then smile inside and recommend it to everyone you know.

You can find it on Amazon here...
The Great Mizzariddle

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