Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Short Excerpt: The Naughty Girl Workshop

The Naughty Girl Workshop

Uh-oh. Maybe she should have been more careful with Mommy’s good jewelry… maybe she shouldn’t have tried to use the cat as one of her dolls…maybe she shouldn’t have tried to cut her own hair yesterday. Molly thought of her brother, Scott, who was sent to the Naughty Boy Factory a couple of years ago. He’d made it home okay, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad. She could still feel those little butterflies fluttering in her stomach, though, as her mommy called for the trolley.

Earlier that morning, Molly had been standing in front of the long mirror in Mommy’s room, turning this way and that, admiring her reflection. She loved the look of Mommy’s sparkling jewelry draping her neck and dangling from her tiny wrists; she loved the pink lipstick smeared over her lips (and face) and the smell of Mommy’s lotion; but most of all, she loved the pretty black shoes with the high heels and how tall they made her look. But unfortunately for Molly, Mommy didn’t love what she saw.

“Molly Anne! You know it’s not okay to play with Mommy’s things. We’ve talked about this before.”

“But it’s my turn!” Molly stomped her foot and made a pouty face at Mommy.

“No, you don’t get a turn with Mommy’s big girl stuff. That’s why it’s Mommy’s – we’ve had this conversation before. It’s time you learn to behave like a proper little lady. I’m calling the trolley.”

And that’s how Molly ended up outside, butterflies in her stomach, waiting for the trolley. The Naughty Girl Workshop trolley was bright-pink and piped out cheery Mary Poppins music as it drove through town. The sound always reminded Molly of the Popsicle Man. Sometimes kids would run out with their ice cream money, disappointed to find a trolley full of girls instead. She’d never dreamed she would be one of those girls, but now she was.


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

It's adorable Shannon! I like your classroom blog too.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Thanks, Sharon! It's a fun little story - meant to be the sequel to The Naughty Boy Factory. I have a good time with my class blog. My kids are pretty easy to please! :)


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

When I was eight I had tea with the Queen, well that's what Grandad said. We went to a Royal Horse Show right before we moved to the States. Grandad passed me binoculars and asked me what the Queen was doing. I said, "Having tea." He asked," What are you doing?" I said, "Having tea." "There you are," he said. "You are Having tea with the Queen." My students loved that story. I even had one ask me about it recently, but it's not that exciting.... Your story is super. :)

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