Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ah...the first day of kindergarten

My daughter, the youngest of my three children, began kindergarten last week. Like all parents, we kissed her goodbye, waved as we backed out of the room, and then envisioned the wonderful day she would have. Big brother Scott (now a mighty second grader) vowed to help her through breakfast and recess and her first, after-school bus ride. The stage was set for her perfect first day!

We met them at the bus that afternoon. Molly flew straight for her daddy's legs and firmly attached herself, then began to sob incoherently. Scott jumped from the bottom step of the bus and proudly announced that Molly got sent to the principal's office on her first day of school! It took a few hours and some help from Scott to finally figure out her day.

Molly is truly frightened of any kind of flying, buzzing thing with wings, especially those with stingers - even mosquitoes. She becomes hysterical and races blindly around, trying desperately to escape or hide. She is absolutely inconsolable during these moments. Unfortunately, her school playground was not a bee-free zone. Molly became so uncontrollably hysterical that she frightened even the recess monitors! Desperate to get her inside (away from the bees), yet knowing she needed adult supervision (remember, she's only five), they sent her to the principal's office. He gave her a smile, a mint, and a safe place to hide until recess ended.

When asked about the rest of her day, Molly told us the teacher just talked all day long. When we asked her what the teacher said, she replied, "I don't know. I wasn't listening. I hate kindergarten!" That night, after being tucked in snug-as-a-bug, Molly came and stood by our bed. She looked at us and then proclaimed loudly, "I had such a great day today!"

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