Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Skin We're In

This is a much shortened version of a poem that just sort of popped into my head and out of my pencil one day.

The skin we’re in it limits us
It keeps us bound to earth and dust
We can’t step out of bones and skin
To reach beyond the space we’re in
We’re meant to place our hope and trust
In One who loves each one of us

In prayers is where God wants to hear
Of all the things we need down here
Don’t be afraid to turn His way
And pray to God with love today
For peace, for health, for family
For courage, friends, or to be free

Send loving thoughts and pleas for help
To those too far to reach yourself
The skin we’re in can’t stretch as far
As God’s embrace, His loving arms
He reaches out to those in need
When prayers request He intercede

God hears us when we pray in faith
For help to guide the human race
We need to pray more often, though
So Grace and Truth can help us grow
Bow your heads and fold your hands
And pray to God, who understands

The skin we’re in may limit us
And keep us bound to earth and dust
But prayer is more than bones and skin
And reaches past the space we’re in
In God we place our faith and trust
That He may bless each one of us

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