Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Tempur-Pedic?

For about a year my middle child, Scott, wouldn't sleep in his bed. He would sleep on the floor, he loved to sleep on the couch, but he would NOT sleep in his bed. I assumed it was a phase that would eventually pass - kind of like the six months he spent telling everyone he met that he was born part monkey. Alas, I was wrong.

When I finally realized he wasn't going back to his bed on his own, I announced (in my firmest mom-voice) that unless he could explain why he wouldn't sleep in it, I was going to give his bed to a little boy who would appreciate it. Unphased, Scott looked directly at me and calmly answered, "I can't sleep in my own bed because it has radiator springs in it." I had no idea what that meant and could only stare blankly at him. He repeated himself, but slowly so I could understand - yeah, right! Then he informed me, in the same quiet tone, that if I wanted him to sleep in his own bed I had to buy him a Tempur-Pedic! I couldn't help myself - I laughed aloud. Scott didn't think it was funny.

did he need a Tempur-Pedic (and how does he even know what one is)?
The answer: "Mom! Don't you know Tempur-Pedic changes the way the world sleeps?!"

I gave his bed away and we picked out a double-sized satellite chair cushion from Pier One Imports. He loves it!

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